what is bird trapping

Bird netting London is a method to capture wild birds, comprising different bird capture methods, and most people trap birds for the sake of hunting. Hunting birds for food does not need the birds to stay alive. However there are many bird trapping techniques which allows us to capture birds without harming them. Capturing birds alive are mostly used for research purpose, or capturing wild birds can be utilized to display at zoological gardens. There are different rules for every country regarding bird trapping. In some countries birds are captured to control bird’s population and in some countries it is illegal to capture birds. However they are perfect solution for short-term population control.

There are several techniques used for bird trapping, birds are usually captured with use of nets, traps, springs and birdlime. Some of birds trapping techniques are

· Cannon nets

· Funeral traps

· Clap traps

· Mist lacework

· Noose deception

. Bird Spikes

· And spot-light trapping.

Bird traps are usually baited with a specific bird’s favorite food. Positioning of trap is one thing that matters a lot, businesses and homeowners who keeps using on traps find their success over time by time.